Michelle Denny-West

Michelle Denny-West has the advantage of having a foot in two camps, namely private client as well as entrepreneurial advisory.

A key focus of hers is advising individuals on their personal affairs, including aspects such as income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and residence/domicile. On the business side, Michelle predominantly works with owner-managers and entrepreneurs across all sectors, no matter the stage in their business life cycle.

Michelle’s ability to meld the two services sees her advise clients on estate planning, including family investment companies, exit planning (whether sale, passing to future generations or EOTs) and tax-efficient structuring/restructuring.

As a mixed tax specialist, Michelle ensures her clients are equipped to make fully informed decisions about how to structure their personal and business affairs. Feedback from clients underlines her ability to explain complex tax issues in a way that is understandable. Clients also describe Michelle as approachable and personable with an easy-going manner.

With extensive experience of working with a range of individuals and businesses, Michelle handles ongoing compliance work alongside project work. Loyal clients rely on Michelle’s expertise in the ever-changing complex tax regulation landscape.

Michelle also contributes topical commentary and thought leadership in the mainstream media and is a member of CIOT and ICAEW.

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