Ensuring the financial health of your business through the festive season

13 November 2023 / Insight posted in Article

As festive bells ring, a financial echo resonates in England and Wales. The highest company insolvency rate since 2009 (BBC) underscores the need for strategic financial management. In partnership with Capitalise, Moore Kingston Smith (MKS) is your guide through this challenging landscape, offering robust strategies to enhance sales, reduce costs, and optimise cash flow.

Spot the warning signs

Is your business’s financial health wavering? Like a patient’s vital signs, tracking rising debts and shrinking reserves is essential. Early detection in a fluctuating economy is key to survival. Now is the time to take control of any cashflow shortfalls you might be facing.

Three swift moves to bolster your cash flow

1. Examine expenses

  • Investigate your operational costs for potential savings.
  • Review borrowing terms for overlooked cost-saving opportunities.
  • Every pound saved bolsters cash flow.

2. Negotiate payment terms

  • Work with suppliers and tax authorities to extend payment terms.
  • Flexible payments ease cash flow pressures.

3. Enhance credit score

  • A strong credit score unlocks better funding options.
  • Capitalise, with Experian’s data, helps improve your score, enhancing lender and supplier relationships.

Efficient time management with MKS and Capitalise: streamlining your business finances.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective time management is crucial. MKS, in partnership with Capitalise, provides streamlined solutions for funding applications and credit score management, allowing you to focus on essential business operations. Our collaboration offers:

  • Diverse funding options: Access to over 100 lenders through Capitalise ensures a range of choices tailored to your business needs.
  • Credit score enhancement: With a 96% success rate in boosting credit scores, our partnership with Experian offers detailed credit profile reviews, facilitating better finance access and negotiation terms.
  • Risk mitigation: We provide insights into partner companies’ credit reports, safeguarding your cash flow against potential financial risks. This allows you to identify any potential issues with suppliers or customer payments before they happen, allowing you to take action.
  • Efficient and personalised support: Simplified funding processes save time, with most preparations completed swiftly. This efficiency is coupled with personalised support, focusing on your specific business plans and goals.
  • Holistic financial advisory: Our comprehensive approach goes beyond traditional accounting, encompassing a full finance director service for well-rounded financial management.

With MKS and Capitalise, you gain a time-efficient, comprehensive financial management solution, ensuring your business is optimally positioned for financial health and growth.

Urgent cash flow review as Christmas nears

With weeks until Christmas, we can help you to urgently reassess your financial strategies. Moore Kingston Smith offer support to navigate these crucial times effectively, ensuring a prosperous year ahead.

Say goodbye to financial stress this season. Reach out to us, and together, we’ll secure your business’s future success.


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