Job retention scheme – implications for Tier 2 sponsors of work permits

9 April 2020 / Insight posted in Article, Coronavirus, Operations, Tax

After much anticipation, the Home Office released guidance on 27 March covering the “furloughing” of employees working in the UK on a Tier 2 visas. In particular, the (very brief) guidance set out the circumstances where the sponsored individual’s salary can be reduced without causing the sponsoring employer to be in breach of their immigration compliance obligations.

We have been discussing the queries we received from our clients with Elena Tsirlina and Chloe Spaven, immigration specialist solicitors, at CDS Mayfair which they have included in a Q&A published on their website here.

The brief guidance issued by the Home Office raises as many questions as it answers. As more guidance is received from the Home Office, we will post further updates when we know more.

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