Complexities of business interruption insurance explained

19.01.21 / Insight posted in Articles, Operations

On Friday last week, the Supreme Court delivered its judgment in the FCA’s business interruption insurance test case, ruling that policyholders who were ordered to close business premises during the first national lockdown in response to the Coronavirus pandemic will be able to make claims to their insurers. Insurers will now be under pressure to…


Reinstate direct debit payments to avoid penalties

24.06.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Operations

Businesses who have cancelled their direct debits payable to HMRC to defer VAT payments now need to set up a new one to avoid penalties. Failure to get a direct debit set up in time could result in the business paying their VAT bill late and, potentially, a penalty charge. As part of the government’s…


Government releases code of practice for commercial property relationships during the Coronavirus pandemic

23.06.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Operations

The impact of Coronavirus has been huge on both landlords and tenants due to the majority of commercial tenants’ inability to meet their rental deadline, which has been seriously diminished by the lockdown with forced closure of their properties and the resulting loss of income. Although the government has begun to gradually ease lockdown with…


BBC News: Maureen Penfold describes how the firm is keeping its people connected during lockdown

11.06.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Operations, MKS News

In a feature on BBC News, Maureen Penfold shares tips on maintaining social connectivity across the entire firm while everyone is working from home. Penfold said: “We’ve always been an office-based business and overnight we moved 650 people into being a home-based business. Our biggest concern was making sure that all of our people still…


Employers severely financially affected by Coronavirus – redundancy payments service

08.06.20 / Insight posted in Operations

On 23 March, the government published new guidance providing support to employers, previously only offered when their company was subject to formal insolvency proceedings. Employers can now seek financial support from the redundancy payments service (RPS) if they cannot afford redundancy payments for their employees. How RPS works The RPS provides support with statutory redundancy…


Charity Workshop newsletter June 2020

05.06.20 / Insight posted in Brochures, Operations

Welcome to our latest Charity newsletter, specifically written for the charity sector. We have focused this edition on the latest news concerning Coronavirus and on areas we believe your charity should be considering now and also looking at for the future. In this issue: Strategy and governance – an essential relationship Strategic planning in a…


Exiting lockdown: forensic accounting services during lift-off

02.06.20 / Insight posted in Operations

Now that the first tentative steps are being taken to lift lockdown, there are several areas where our forensic accounting team can assist you. Our specialists have decades of experience in complex cases and produce clear and comprehensive reports to help you navigate challenging times. Business interruption claims It is possible that some companies are…


Assessing effective remote-working using psychometric tools

22.05.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Operations, People

As the world moves towards a new normal and businesses start deciding what that means for them in the long term, many will be considering more permanent arrangements for homeworking and working more flexibly. For now, working at home has been enforced and everyone is doing their best to cope. However, when normal life resumes,…


New insolvency laws will help struggling businesses

22.05.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Operations

On 20 May, the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill 2020 was laid before parliament. This will, when enacted into law, be a very substantial change to Insolvency Law and will provide some much needed assistance to businesses struggling in the Coronavirus crisis. It is hoped the new measures will be in place at some point in…


Returning to the workplace post lock-down

21.05.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Brochures, Operations, People

It is unlikely that you will be able to return to your normal working practices quickly. How that actually looks will differ from company to company, so it is important to start thinking long term and shape your new normal. There are certain areas that you need to plan carefully before implementing any changes. This…