Webinar recording: Expanding your business internationally

23 May 2024 / Insight posted in Enterprise series, Business, Video

Our latest Enterprise Series webinar focused on how businesses can expand further internationally. Our panel consisted of international and tax experts, Darren Jordan, Ruth Brennan and John Williams, who discussed the important considerations of international expansion, as well as the alternatives to expanding without setting up overseas. 

The panel highlighted what businesses should be prioritising first when considering expanding internationally, the employment, payroll and tax considerations, as well as the initial corporate tax structuring considerations to bear in mind.  

Watch the recording or jump to key questions below. 

3:22 – What should businesses be prioritising first when considering setting up overseas?  

19:14 – What should be the initial corporate tax structuring considerations to bear in mind from a practical perspective?  

26:28 – Are there permanent establishment issues that need to be considered given employees are working in overseas location, or does using a EOR get around that?  

38:32 – Once significant/long term overseas presence has been built up the expectation would be that there would be cross-border transactions between UK parent and the overseas entities – what are the key considerations here?  

42:22 – What other alternatives are there if businesses aren’t looking to set up overseas, but expand further? 

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