Enterprise series: economic update: the biggest questions facing investors today


Join us to explore the mega-trends most impacting investors, global economies and financial markets such as rising inflation, the energy crisis, interest rate normalisation and much more. Our guest, Arbuthnot Latham’s Co-Chief Investment Officer, Gregory Perdon will share this thoughts on the global events that have led to these trends, and what clues could indicate…


Enterprise series: Electric Car Salary Sacrifice: a tax efficient benefit for you and your people


Did you know that you and your employees can access climate friendly electric cars through the salary sacrifice scheme and make tax savings as a result? With Environmental Social Governance (ESG) top of many businesses and employee’s agenda, this is an attractive benefit to offer in a competitive recruitment market. What are the advantages? Reduce…


Webinar recording: What does the end of the COVID restrictions mean for Employers?


This webinar focussed on how employers can ensure that their business needs and employees needs are both met in the face of legal Covid restrictions lifting. Often, it’s about consultation, assessing risk and implementing policies that are fair and proportional. Read our FAQ for a summary of the issues most commonly faced by employers when…


Webinar recording: Embed artificial intelligence (AI) to drive your business


This session sought to bust some of the common myths about AI, with explanations of how AI can be used in any business with solutions available at all price points. Rather than replacing staff, technology can take care of mundane, repeatable tasks, leaving people free to fill other skills gaps and focus on complex, interesting…


Enterprise series: Embed artificial intelligence (AI) to drive your business


With skills shortages in most sectors, could AI be part of the solution? Our experts think it can. With technology taking care of time-consuming repetitive processes, your people could be free to upskill and concentrate on tasks that they not only find more engaging and rewarding, but that also grow and add value to your…


Webinar recording: get ahead of the competition with employee incentives


With the current talent shortages, employee incentives can be a great tool to make you more competitive to both your current employees and new hires. The discussion in this webinar centred around non-financial and financial incentives, when they work best and how to create a strategy that is right for your people. Our key takeaways…


Enterprise series: looking after your legacy


Our multi-disciplinary panel all agree that inheritance tax allowances aren’t likely to become more generous in coming years, so it’s wise to take advantage of the reliefs available to you now. They discussed the various ways that you can protect your wealth and ensure that your wishes are actioned in the event of your death.    Their…


Enterprise series: Should you consider an Employee Ownership Trust as an exit strategy for your business?


The panel were certainly not short of issues to discuss and questions to answer in this lively interactive session. They have contributed some of their top tips to take away below: Talk to a tax advisor at the outset to ensure there are no surprises further down the line – the devil is in the…


Enterprise series: re-imagine your business with hybrid working


The combination of Brexit changes and the shock of the pandemic have created many challenges regarding planning international remote working, the future of cross-border talent management, assessing internal global mobility capabilities and managing potential risk. All this highlights the growing impact of global mobility management on international business strategy. In this session our panel discussed:…


Enterprise series: embedding learning and development practices into the hybrid working environment


With many businesses new to hybrid working, this webinar gave practical examples of some of the things that you can do to support the learning and development of your people in this new environment. Adjustments may need to be made, but there are plenty of techniques and proven strategies to ensure that you get the…