Webinar recording: Combatting fraud – prevention, detection and recovery

22 November 2023 / Insight posted in Enterprise series, Business

In this webinar, a panel of forensic accounting and cyber security experts, were joined by Kingsley Napley partner Richard Clayman, who specialises in dispute resolution.

Together they addressed the steps organisations need to take to prevent, detect, and react to fraudulent activity.

They explored immediate impact fraud can cause, such as loss of funds, as well as what risks fraud can encompass. This included risks from customers, suppliers, personnel, management and third parties.

It is important for organisations to be able to detect fraud at an early stage where possible, and having a tailored fraud-response plan which can be implemented quickly is essential.

The panel addressed the link between cyber security and fraud, and the ways in which fraudsters exploit cyber security weaknesses within organisations. The panel also explored what could be the biggest emerging fraud risks to businesses or individuals in the near.

Our top tips from the session can be found here. Jump to key questions or watch full recording here.

Key questions

How does fraud impact your business? Are you able to give me any examples from the cases you are working on?

What steps should a business take to prevent fraud?

When fraud is discovered, how should a business handle it?

At what stage do you move from an internal investigation to seeking external support?/How do you approach a person who has committed fraud?

What is the link between Cyber Security and Fraud?

What are the typical ways fraudsters exploit cyber security weaknesses?

What can you do if your organisation has been a victim of fraud?

What do you see as being the biggest emerging fraud risks to businesses or individuals?

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