Family business diagnostic

From our work with family businesses, we have identified key factors that successful family businesses excel in. Use our diagnostic to find the top three strengths and weaknesses in your family business.

In this diagnostic, we focus on:

1. Professionalising the business
2. Governance
3. Succession planning
4. Personal retirement planning
5. Contingency planning
6. Communication and conflict

The questions are reasonably quick to complete and we encourage you to answer as honestly as possible in order to get an output that accurately reflects your position. By the end of the diagnostic, you will be provided with your top three strengths and weaknesses. If you do not select any areas of weakness, our diagnostic will helpfully suggest areas of development for you to consider based on your scoring.

Silvia Vitiello’s approachable and open personality, combined with her extensive technical skills, make her a popular figure with her many clients. She has a genuine interest and excitement in working with her clients who include family and entrepreneurial businesses as well as non profit and membership organisations.  She always takes the time to fully understand… Read more

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