Downloadable Talent 360 checklist: optimise your people strategy

12 October 2021 / Insight posted in Business Doctor insights

It’s a time of change for workplaces across all industries regarding their people strategy. Businesses are grappling with a range of people-related issues and concerns, as covered by our Business Doctor, including:

  • Talent shortages
  • Hybrid and home working
  • Wage growth
  • Increased demand for training
  • Diversity and inclusion

But there are opportunities for those who adapt quickly. And having a robust people strategy in place aligned to your business plan gives the best chance of doing that.

Give your people strategy a 360° overhaul

Our Talent 360 service will help you see where you are now and what you need to do to retain and attract the right people to drive your business forward.

Led by our Strategic HR Partners, we’ll run a half-day workshop with you to assess all key areas of your employee lifecycle. Our expert people knowledge helps us challenge existing assumptions and reach a thorough understanding of any issues and opportunities quickly.

We then report on and present our findings and recommendations, giving you a clear path to an effective people strategy.

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