The Business Doctor: Nurturing leadership for successful private equity exits

9 August 2023 / Insight posted in Business Doctor insights

Empowering leadership teams to steer successful private equity exits

In private equity, having a robust leadership team is instrumental in guiding companies towards successful exits. In this guide, we delve into the strategies that bolster leadership capabilities, the role of an attractive employee value proposition, and the pivotal role of performance matrices in talent management.

Creating a compelling employee value proposition

In our recent episode of the Business Doctor podcast, Joe Regan, from Moore Kingston Smith’s People Advisory service, emphasises the criticality of an appealing employee value proposition in attracting and retaining talent. Regan suggests that a unique corporate culture and a company’s distinctive selling points form the core of its value proposition. When nurtured well, these elements not only help maintain existing talent but also significantly boost a company’s appeal to attract new talent, thus forming a bedrock for successful exits.

The role of long-term incentive plans

Another strategy that Regan highlights is the role of long-term incentive plans in ensuring the stability of leadership teams. When investments roll in, a committed leadership team, incentivised through long-term plans, remains dedicated to seeing the transaction through and beyond. Further, Regan underlines the importance of salary benchmarking to ensure that a company remains competitive within its market.

Harnessing performance and potential matrix

Talent management plays a significant role in managing a leadership team. Regan details the role of a performance and potential matrix in assessing the health of a company’s talent pool. A 9-box grid model not only aids in recognising and nurturing talent but also highlights risks, helping weed out poor performers who could jeopardise the transaction and the company’s long-term sustainability.

Bespoke incentive plans: tailoring to individual situations

During the podcast, Dan Adler of Apiary Capital stresses the beauty of a private equity solution as it allows the creation of incentive plans tailored to individual situations. The choice between a narrow incentive for a small group or one spread more widely across a larger section of the business depends largely on the management team’s insights into what would work best for their team.

Preserving unique success factors

When asked how private equity ensures the preservation of a successful business’s unique success factors, Adler outlines the importance of empowering the business and supporting organic growth. Further, he emphasises that the unique selling proposition that grew the company today should be nurtured to ensure future success.

Nurturing confidence in private equity involvement

For many, the involvement of private equity can be nerve-wracking. Adler speaks on the importance of conveying the message that private equity is a growth partner. He stresses that its involvement should be seen as an endorsement of the quality of the business, helping to take it to the next level.

Maintaining company culture and well-being

As an ex-chief people officer, Regan stresses the importance of regularly reviewing engagement levels and the risk of burnout. He advocates for resilience training, regular talent health checks, reviewing succession plans, and adhering to core values and behaviours.

Key takeaways

1. An appealing employee value proposition is vital in maintaining and attracting talent for successful exits.

2. Tailored long-term incentive plans and salary benchmarking ensure leadership stability and competitiveness.

3. Regular talent health checks and adherence to core values help maintain company culture and well-being during private equity involvement.

When working with private equity investment, empowering leadership teams with the right strategies is crucial. An attractive employee value proposition, incentive plans tailored to individual situations, and regular talent health checks are among the strategies that can steer a company towards a successful exit.

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