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3 August 2023 / Insight posted in Business Doctor insights

Leverage private equity for your business: insights from industry veterans

In the ever-changing business world, growth is not just a desire but a necessity for survival. It’s crucial to keep evolving, stay competitive, and expand one’s horizons. One path that can unlock unprecedented growth for businesses is private equity. But how can companies leverage this tool effectively? In this article, we draw upon insights from seasoned experts – Dan Adler and Joe Regan – from the second episode of the Business Doctor podcast to provide actionable takeaways on private equity for your business.

People matter: the importance of valuing human capital

Dan Adler, a distinguished veteran in the private equity industry, shares a golden rule: “People are the most significant asset in any business.” This principle underlines the importance of focusing on cultural fit when seeking private equity backers. The foundation of a successful partnership is not just about money; it’s about people. It’s essential to ensure open communication, understand each other’s aspirations, and create a harmonious work environment. By doing so, businesses can form long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with their private equity partners.

The power of resilience: overcoming challenges

Joe Regan, Director at Moore Kingston Smith’s People Advisory team, pinpoints resilience as a crucial factor for any business looking to enter the world of private equity. Success often stems from weathering the storm. There will always be challenges and hurdles along the way, but the key is to face them head-on and not be deterred by them. The resilience to keep pushing through difficulties can set a business apart from its competitors, particularly in the high-stakes environment of private equity investment.

Incentivise to energise: the need for long-term incentives

Joe further emphasises the importance of long-term incentives for staff. Ensuring your team has a stake in the business’s success can help secure their commitment and motivation. When employees feel valued and see a clear pathway for growth, they are more likely to stay with the company and contribute their best work. Implementing long-term incentives is a powerful strategy to foster staff retention and drive business success in a private equity context.

Key takeaways

1. People matter: Successful private equity partnerships emphasise valuing human capital and aligning with the company’s culture and values.

2. The power of resilience: Resilience is key in private equity, as businesses must face challenges head-on and be able to handle setbacks.

3. Incentivise to energise: Long-term incentives for staff foster retention, motivate employees, and drive business success in the private equity landscape.

Private equity can serve as a potent catalyst for business growth, but like any tool, its effectiveness depends on how you wield it. The insights shared by Clare, Dan, and Joe underscore the importance of valuing human capital, fostering resilience, and implementing long-term incentives. By incorporating these insights into your private equity strategy, you can tap into the true potential of your business and unlock unparalleled growth.

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