Webinar recording: What does the end of the COVID restrictions mean for Employers?

22 March 2022 / Insight posted in Enterprise series

This webinar focussed on how employers can ensure that their business needs and employees needs are both met in the face of legal Covid restrictions lifting. Often, it’s about consultation, assessing risk and implementing policies that are fair and proportional.

Read our FAQ for a summary of the issues most commonly faced by employers when dealing with issues such as testing, vaccination status, social distancing and requiring people to return to the office.

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Tax exemption for employer provided diagnostic COVID tests

The exemption was due to expire on 5 April 2022. However, immediately following the webinar, it was announced that this exemption has now been extended by a further year to 5 April 2023. This measure is designed to minimise financial burdens on employees, and National Insurance contributions and reporting requirements on employers who either provide their staff with a coronavirus diagnostic test or reimburse their staff for the cost of a coronavirus diagnostic test. Read the full announcement.

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