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Art market series: Latin America

As head of our Private Client Group at Kingston Smith, I am often asked to look at different things and express a view. This can be quite difficult when you’re not au fait with a particular sector, such as the art market. Consequently, Kingston Smith has commissioned reports on four different art markets: Latin America, US & Europe, Australia and the Middle East. These reports aim to analyse these art markets and their changing structure, size and composition.

The art market is a $60 billion plus global industry, once fully dominated by US and Europe, and today largely decentralised. The appetite for art is fuelling an increasing interest in art as a collectible as well as an asset class. This is requiring new services in the areas of collection management, risk management, tax and estate planning and investment advice. If you would like to receive the first report, please follow the link below.

This report evaluates the structure, size and composition of the Latin American art market between 2012 and 2013. It also includes a discussion around the increasing interest in the region for art, not only as a collectible but also as an asset class.

The report also features an “artist watch” for each country, based on artists currently performing positively in the primary and institutional markets, both locally and internationally. I hope you find the first of our reports of interest and please feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to discuss anything further.

Paul Spindler

We are pleased to be launching the US & European Art Market Report 2013 on 18th July. For more information on this event, please click here.

“This report is evidence that there is indeed a market for Latin American art, not only at a local level as it used to be. Now it is a dynamic international market, with a growing trend in terms of the institutional, primary and secondary markets. This is due to many factors including the many biennales and art fairs taking place regularly in main Latin American countries, specially in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Hence the Latin American Art Market report produced by Kingston Smith, Portafolia and ArtTactic arrives in perfect timing; it offers accurate data and highlights key features and trends of this market. I highly recommend this report.”

Carlos Jimenez Moreno
Critic at Artnexus
Author of the book, La Escena sin fin. El arte en la era de su Big Bang

¨Ya es una evidencia que existe un mercado de arte latinoamericano y no solo nacional o local, como ocurría antes. Y que es además uno de los más dinámicos del mundo, con tendencia a ampliarse y consolidarse tanto institucional como mercantilmente, gracias entre otros factores, a las bienales y a la multiplicación de ferias de arte realizadas regularmente en los principales países del continente, con Brasil, México y Argentina a la cabeza. De allí que resulte tan importante y oportuno el informe de Kingston Smith, Portafolia y ArtTactic, que ofrece datos ciertos y contrastados sobre las características actuales de dicho mercado y sobre sus tendencias. Yo lo recomiendo vivamente.¨

Carlos Jimenez Moreno
Crítico, ArtNexus
Autor, La Escena sin fin. El arte en la era de su Big Bang