May 16th, 2014 / Insight posted in Articles

Doing business overseas

Greg Brown of Silicon Valley-based Sensiba San Filippo and Richard Heap of London-based Chartered Accountants Kingston Smith discuss doing business in the United Kingdom and beyond.
As technology continues to make the world seem smaller, more US-based companies are looking overseas for untapped opportunities. International expansion has traditionally been undertaken primarily by large, multi-national companies. Today many small, private companies are joining this trend and increasingly venturing outside the US. For these companies, however,  seeking overseas opportunities does come with a different rule book, including many hazards and pitfalls that business owners must be prepared to encounter and address as they are expanding internationally.
Greg Brown, tax partner at Sensiba San Filippo LLP (SSF) and Richard Heap, technology and media partner with UK-based Chartered Accountants Kingston Smith, sat down to discuss why more businesses are considering overseas expansion and what they need to know before investing in the UK and beyond. Brown has helped many leading Bay Area companies make strategic decisions about overseas expansion, from Europe to Asia and beyond, while Heap has helped numerous US-based companies set up European operations in the UK.