March 1st, 2017 / Insight posted in MKS Comments

Government increases probate fees from May 2017 – Lynne Rowland comments

In response to the Government’s announcement on Friday that it will be implementing an increase in probate fees from May 2017, replacing the current flat fee with a new system of tiered charges, partner Lynne Rowland said: “The new tiered system could have a particular impact on Londoners: with the average London home being worth in excess of £500,000, many London families could find themselves subject to increased costs on the death of a loved one. The Government hailed the proposals last year as progressive, with the lower value estates being exempt from paying the fees and remaining estates only paying more as the value increases. As the fees are calculated prior to the deduction of inheritance tax, however, it begs the question as to whether the double whammy of inheritance tax and now the increase in court fees might be another veiled attack by the Government on the moderately wealthy.”