HMRC is increasing VAT inspections: are you ready for when the inspector calls?

22 February 2024 / Insight posted in Article

Moore Kingston Smith offers a full range of practical and bespoke services and support to help you review your VAT affairs to identify potential risks and make the most of your VAT saving opportunities. Our services are based around you and your needs, to ensure that you and your organisation are fully prepared for HMRC VAT enquiries and questions.

Our services and support include:

  • Working with you to walk through your “end-to-end” VAT accounting and knowing how the relevant accounting information is identified, coded and ultimately accounted for;
  • Assist you in putting together a written down overview your VAT processes, in a way that is clear, complete, understandable and workable for the people in your organisation;
  • Prepare and carry out bespoke training of your staff to help them understand why VAT is important, and how it impacts them as well as demonstrates to HMRC how the business embraces the importance of VAT;
  • Assisting you to identify your potential risks, and to provide practical help and solutions in addressing these;
  • Look for efficiencies and possible saving opportunities to get the most out of the review process, and to ensure that VAT compliance is balanced off against maximum efficiencies.

We do not offer “products” or a suite of solutions; our service is about preparing you and your business for the VAT inspection process, and making sure that you are robust but also, only paying the amount of VAT that you have to.  This also means that we can agree a bespoke project of work and fee for whatever a client is looking to procure.

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