May 14th, 2019 / Insight posted in Articles

Mergers and acquisitions in the marketing and media sectors – a review of Q1 2019

2019 has got off to a reasonable start for mergers and acquisitions in the marketing and media sectors, with 63 deals recorded, meaning the quarter kept pace with the final quarter of 2018. The data is from the latest Moore Kingston Smith Marketing & Media Deal Tracker.

While the headline figures are relatively encouraging, there are nuances to consider. Firstly, though Q1 2019 kept pace with Q4 2018, those last three months of 2018 were that year’s lowest-activity quarter. Secondly, according to Moore Kingston Smith intelligence, the first quarter of each year since 2016 has tended to be a relatively high-activity quarter – so in fact the latest three months are around a sixth lower than the same period a year ago. If the quarterly trend holds true for this year, it is likely activity will wane and full-year figures will fall short of 2018’s year-end totals.

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