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New Year, Fresh Start. What are your business resolutions for 2015?

By Adam Flight The New Year is fast approaching and is often the time to quit bad habits and shake off the excess of Christmas by hitting the gym and eating more greens and less cake. But what resolutions should you be thinking about for your business for 2015? Now is the time of year to reflect on the last 12 months and evaluate what you did well and what could be improved upon. Look at becoming more efficient, change the working environment, implement a new system or perhaps change the way in which you respond to employee and customer issues. Ask yourself how much time you spent in 2014 resolving an employee or customer issue that if it had been dealt with sooner, could have resulted in a more positive outcome. Other ways to improve efficiency are to embrace more flexible working options, which new legislation this year has made easier for employees to request. With continual advances in technology, the virtual office has been shown to save SMEs precious time wasted on lengthy commutes and to increase productivity; is it right for your business? Try attending a local networking group, this is probably something that you have vowed to do each year, however never got around to it. Networking can be key, as it will introduce you to customers, suppliers as well as competitors, who are all looking to share and learn from each other. Give social media a go. More businesses are investing in some form of social media. You have the ability to increase your market share through social media! Social media can be daunting, however it need not be. If you require any help or advice, whether it’s about streamlining processes, recommendations for attending local networking events or how to deal with employee issues in a more efficient way give HR Insight a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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