Reviving workplace morale: independent pay benchmarking after a discontented pay review

21 March 2024 / Insight posted in Article

Ever feel a bit of a cloud over your business after a pay review? If your team’s enthusiasm has taken a hit and discontent is in the air, it’s time to brighten the outlook with the beacon of independent pay benchmarking. Moore Kingston Smith People Advisory delve into how this transformative process can turn discontent into genuine workplace satisfaction.

How independent pay benchmarking is the solution

1. Clearing the fog with objectives

Discontent often stems from confusion. Independent pay benchmarking cuts through the fog, providing clear and objectives into the reasons behind discontent, setting the stage for meaningful improvements.

2. Restoring trust through external expertise

Discontent can strain trust, but an external perspective brings credibility. When your team sees independent experts addressing pay concerns, it rebuilds trust, signalling a commitment to fairness and transparency.

3. Data-driven corrections to soothe grievances

It’s time to correct the course with independent market data. This tool helps rectify discrepancies, ensuring that your team’s concerns are addressed with accurate and actionable insights.

4. Demonstrating a commitment to fairness

Discontent isn’t just about the numbers; it’s about fairness. Independent pay benchmarking showcases your commitment to rectifying disparities, giving your people confidence that their concerns are being taken seriously.

5. Tailored solutions for specific grievances

Acknowledge and address the unique grievances. Independent benchmarking allows for a bespoke approach, targeting specific concerns and tailoring solutions that align with your team’s expectations.

Why choose Moore Kingston Smith People Advisory for the turnaround

1. 30 years of expertise in workplace satisfaction

With three decades of expertise, we know the ropes of transforming discontent into workplace satisfaction. Our experience in reward consultancy positions us as a reliable guide on your journey to a happier team.

2. Personalised solutions for your distinct people

Your people are special, and so are our solutions. We don’t apply generic fixes; our independent benchmarking is customised to fit the unique needs of your people, bringing relief to their discontent.

How can Moore Kingston Smith People Advisory help?

  • Pay benchmarking
  • Benefits review
  • Bonus schemes
  • Long Term Incentive Plans (LTIP)
  • Recognition schemes
  • Pay progression and career frameworks
  • Job architecture

Contact us for a free consultation and let our benchmarking support you to attract, retain and reward your people.

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