February 16th, 2015 / Insight posted in White Papers

Risk Management – When Big is not Beautiful

When attempting to manage risk, big is almost never beautiful. Big risks usually equate to big problems, with lots of effort needed to bring them under control or a high premium to pay for someone to take them off your hands. And big organisations are far from beautiful when it comes to its Directors and Executives fulfilling their duty to effectively manage risk. When a business reaches a certain level of size and complexity it may be impossible for a relatively small number of senior people to really understand and manage the risks they run even when supported by a large infrastructure of helpers. Kingston Smith Consulting LLP is ideally placed to help review the effectiveness of risk management and build practical frameworks which organisations can use. Our team blends individuals with deep risk expertise and those who have experience operating on the Board’s of large and small organisations alike. This combination results in an approach that utilises knowledge of the best risk management techniques available, but applies them through the filter of commercial common sense to determine what is appropriate and valuable to the client in each case.