September 18th, 2014 / Insight posted in Articles

Staff incentives: How to retain and attract talent

Seminar held on 16th September 2014

With staff being an agency’s most valuable asset, keeping them on board is one of the key objectives for running a successful company that is distinguished by the optimum quality of its output, as well as its positive and productive working environment. With the pool of talent being circled by ravenous competitors, what are the best ways to keep hold of your existing staff whilst attracting new employees?

Drawing on results from our recent employee benefits survey, this seminar looked at the range of staff incentives available to agencies, including soft benefits, share option schemes and succession planning.  Employment specialist, Mark Slattery also provided an overview of the following points:

  • What part do employee benefits play in retaining great talent?  A look at other key motivators for retention
  • How benefits need to be part of an overall strategy for developing and retaining talent
  • Setting a benefits strategy that is aligned with career development and opportunity
  • Beyond standard benefits – some recent examples from actual client practice.