Data privacy and investigations – what US firms need to know if they trade in the UK and EU

19.01.21 / Insight posted in Articles

Falling foul of data privacy laws can cost US companies dearly in terms of finance and reputation. Between May 2018 and September 2019, US companies were collectively fined more than $417 million (€380 million) by EU data regulators.[1] Under the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), companies stand to forfeit the higher of €20 million…


Complexities of business interruption insurance explained

19.01.21 / Insight posted in Articles, Operations

The aim of business interruption insurance is to cover a business for loss of income where the business was unable to carry out its normal operations due to an unexpected event such as the global pandemic. Where dealing with a simple business with readily identifiable losses, there may be no need for additional assistance. However,…


Wellbeing strategy and engagement

18.01.21 / Insight posted in Articles

While our wellbeing initiatives are many and varied, we recognise that not all our initiatives, by any means, appeal to the entire firm. It is, though, important for the wellbeing group to include members from across the firm representing the whole business and to strengthen buy-in. Our strategy – covering physical, financial and mental health…


Webinar recording: Are your fundraising ROIs good enough?

18.01.21 / Insight posted in Articles, Webinars

Do you often find yourself questioning what the optimal Return on Investment (ROI) for various fundraising income streams is? And what is an acceptable return to accept before approving a project or campaign? In their first webinar of 2021 our fundraising consultants explored the metrics that fundraisers can use. The team are delivering a training…


Brexit – new social security rules for employers and employees

15.01.21 / Insight posted in Articles

For businesses seconding or planning to send employees to work temporarily in the EU, the feasibility of transfers will often be driven by costs related to social security, state pension and benefits entitlements, alongside how best to minimise the risks of getting the related cross-border compliance wrong. Discussions leading up to the UK-EU new trade…


Webinar recording: Brexit – what’s the deal?

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The UK has finally secured a deal with the EU27 mapping out how the UK and EU will trade together. There are many complex issues that will affect businesses in different ways and our experts know every aspect inside out. What does the deal mean for your business? Brexit Impact Specialist Paul Samrah provides a…


Mental health first aiders: how they can help

14.01.21 / Insight posted in Articles

Our wellbeing framework is designed to enable our people to reach their full potential. This includes developing trained mental health first aiders in all of our offices. In this video, Karen Wardell, Partner at our Romford office and Mental Health First aider explains what is involved and how our people are supported. We hope that…


Post-Brexit opportunities for UK businesses

13.01.21 / Insight posted in Articles

Over the past four years, much has been written about the negative impact that Brexit will have on UK businesses. However, there is plenty to look forward to so it is important to consider the positive opportunities that have emerged with the Trade and Cooperation Agreement now signed. There are of course significant new challenges…


Moore Kingston Smith and David Reviews: weekly update from ad world – 11 January 2021

11.01.21 / Insight posted in Articles

This week’s video features our guest speaker, Paul Watts, Co-Founder & Film Editor of The Quarry. Paul catches up with Graham Tyler, Partner, Moore Kingston Smith and Jason Stone, Editor & Co-writer, David Reviews, to discuss how he has found the last nine months of the pandemic and how he has adapted to remote working…


Withholding taxes for corporate groups after the end of the Brexit transition period

07.01.21 / Insight posted in Articles

Following the end of the Brexit transition period, companies no longer have the benefit of automatic exemption from withholding taxes on payments between the UK and EU member states on dividends, interest and royalties under the EU Interest and Royalties Directive. For payments made from UK companies to associated companies in EU member states, there…