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Managing bad debts and improving recovery rates

As a client, you get access to our client services team at no extra cost. We help you remove the administrative burden of monitoring and managing bad debts and improve your recovery rates. The sooner you’re aware of a pending insolvency, the more options we have to maximise the return for you.

We act for lenders, landlords and corporates of all sizes, profiling companies and individuals in default to understand the most cost-effective route to recovering underperforming debts. Working with trusted third parties, including specialist debt collection agencies and solicitors, we can propose and implement a complete recovery strategy for your entire debt book.

Keeping you updated – KS Vision

Our bespoke case management system KS Vision proactively monitors your customer file against the daily feeds of corporate and consumer insolvencies. When a match is found, an alert is sent directly to your inbox, so you’ll be informed as quickly as possible and can act swiftly to recover any outstanding monies.

The volume of insolvency notices sent to creditors is on the increase, but these are often disregarded, as recovery rates stay low. This has resulted in millions of pounds remaining unclaimed. KS Vision can manage the entire claim process for you, with all case-specific information available for review in an easily accessible online portfolio.

The client services team can:

  • Identify the status of an individual or corporate debtor,
  • Identify whether an insolvency practitioner has been appointed,
  • Review voluntary arrangement proposals and advise on dividend prospects and potential modifications to improve recovery,
  • Challenge the appointment of a director’s choice of liquidator or administrator,
  • File proxies and proofs of debt on your behalf,
  • Notify you of any potential dividends,
  • Collect any dividends on your behalf,
  • Advise on formal and informal insolvency procedures, both corporate and personal.

Negotiating on your behalf

As so often in business, where possible, negotiation is better than legal action. By acting swiftly and before any formal insolvency takes place, we can approach a debtor and seek to establish their financial position. With the benefit of our knowledge of the range of insolvency options available, we can propose a course of action that will deliver the best result for you and take negotiation forward on your behalf.

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