Due diligence

Before buying or investing in a business, it’s important to carry out due diligence. This lets you know if you’re getting what you expected and if you’re paying the right amount for it while minimising risks and maximising returns.

When you’ve got all the facts and have identified any risks, you’re in a better position to negotiate or to make strategic decisions. And of course we will advise you on your best course of action.

What we do:

  • Thoroughly evaluate the target’s historical financial performance to identify the true underlying profitability of the business
  • Identify the key profit drivers and evaluate forecast performance
  • Analyse the balance sheet to identify cash/debt balances and normalised working capital, including identification of any off balance sheet items
  • Identify any potential tax risks
  • Provide recommendations as to how you can protect yourself against any financial or tax related risks
  • Work with our international colleagues across the Moore Global network, whenever necessary

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We were very impressed with the professionalism shown by Moore Kingston Smith throughout the due diligence process and the quality of the final report given. The team’s input into the SPA and the general handholding advice provided throughout the process proved invaluable. The team worked tirelessly to ensure our objectives were met and were a pleasure to work with.

JDM Recruitment Limited