When considering an acquisition, you should first identify that it is the best approach to achieving your business objectives.

Acquisitions, management buy-outs (MBO) and management buy-ins (MBI) are transformative to a business. They can provide an excellent method for expansion or for managers to become owners of the business. They are, however, not simple transactions. Often the process can be complicated and extremely demanding.

As a result, additional resources are essential to drive the deal through to a successful conclusion.

  • We have the appropriate experience and expertise to provide enterprising solutions and can provide advice on the feasibility of an acquisition
  • assistance with the preparation of a business plan and financial modelling
  • an independent valuation of the target business
  • advice on raising finance from appropriate sources
  • Tax advice to optimise your personal and corporate tax positions
  • due diligence on the target business

We will also support you by conducting negotiations with the vendor of the target business and project managing the work of other professionals through to completion.

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