Whether you are at the stage where you are focussed on earning income to support your family and to be able to afford certain lifestyle choices (such as a property purchase or private education), or at retirement age where your focus is on producing unearned income to support you and your spouse (and also possibly wishing to financially assist your children), one question is likely to be on your mind: ‘What can I do to plan for my family’s financial future should my circumstances change?’

How we can help you

A key part of our financial planning service is the identification of risk and the consideration of steps to mitigate risk.

Sadly, the wellbeing of the family can be devastated by events such as redundancy, business failure or divorce. In these situations a careful re-assessment of your financial planning strategy will be required.

But what about unexpected ill-health, disability or even death preventing you achieving your goals? Fortunately, the ability to protect your family against the financial effects of ill-health, disability and death is very achievable.

We provide specialist assistance to carry out a review of your existing financial protection and we analyse the input from employee benefits, government support, the asset value of a business and existing family wealth. We then equate this to your current lifestyle and expenditure going forward.

As independent advisers, we are able to select from a wide range of insurers, with an ever growing range of protection products, to offer you the right financial protection not just at one moment in time but on an ongoing basis.

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