The recruitment sector has faced significant challenges since the start of the recession in 2008, including the initial contraction of the jobs market and increased regulation across a wide range of sectors. The recruitment sector itself has proved resilient and according to latest industry figures 2014/15 has now seen total revenue significantly surpass the pre-recession industry peak.

The impact of Brexit is yet to be fully quantified, however the recruitment industry will clearly have a key role to play as the UK renegotiates its position in the world. Whilst there will no doubt be challenges associated with this period of uncertainty, it is our view that a positive and proactive approach will present businesses with an opportunity to stay ahead of regulatory changes and react quickly to changes in market conditions.

Through our in-house publication ‘Professional Firms Insight’ we regularly highlight the key business, accounting, personal finance, tax, HR and compliance developments that directly affect professional firms. With the right advice, you will be in a better position to take advantage of the opportunities that are now being presented.

Our specialist Recruitment Sector team can offer you a comprehensive range of services, each tailored to your requirements. These include:

  • Business funding
  • Team structuring and remuneration
  • Succession planning and restructuring
  • Audit, accounting and tax compliance
  • Corporate taxation planning and investigations
  • Personal tax planning and wealth management
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