February 7th, 2017 / Insight posted in Blog

Tips to improve your email marketing

Some say email marketing is fading out of fashion, but the reality is that it’s here to stay. After all, people look at their emails every day, so it’s important to utilise this marketing potential.

There are many ways to enhance your email marketing. Here we take a look at how can you improve yours to get the results you want.

Email from a real person

It may be less hassle for you to send an email from a mailbox with no reply, but this is rather impersonal. Let’s face it, people like dealing with people and not with robots. If a potential client sees that your email has come from an actual person, they are far more likely to open it. Why not send your next campaign from a member of staff, such as a customer service or marketing team member, and see if this increases your click-rate?

Test, test and test again

A major part of email marketing is testing. This includes every part of the email, from the subject line to the content and even the sending times. If you are targeting a new market, A/B testing could be extremely useful to determine what the new audience’s preferences are for content, timings etc. You may find that people tend to read more content on certain days but actually make purchases at different days and times.

Compelling subject lines

Subject lines can make or break your email. With so many emails being sent each day, people are inundated 24/7, so it’s essential to make the subject line as engaging as possible. It’s crucial, however, that the subject line highlights what the email is actually about. Often, people try to write subject lines that stand out, but don’t necessarily make sense to the reader. For example, if you are offering a major discount on your products, make sure you say it in the subject line.


People like to feel that an email is written for them, so simply personalising the first name in the subject line can be a nice touch that makes your potential customer read on.

You may also want to add more advanced data in the email. For example, using previous purchasing behaviour could also be more impactful for readers.

Clear call to action

Your email may tell your customers about an amazing offer you have or some great news you’ve got going on, but what you really want to do is to drive traffic to your website, get someone to read your newsletter or make a sale. If you don’t tell your reader clearly what you want them to do, they will just open it up and move on. Test out your email on a colleague or a friend to see if they understand straight away what the message is and if there is a clear call to action.


Email marketing is still very relevant today.  The truth is that the majority of people check their emails every day, so creating compelling ways to increase the click-through rate and call to action will lead to successful email campaigns for your business.