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If you’re scaling up or transforming your business, or if you just want to see performance improvements, your overall approach to your people needs to add value.

How you attract, retain and reward people needs to bring out the behaviours and performance that will help your business meet its ambitious goals.

It’s forward-looking and firmly connects your HR to your overall business values and objectives. We’ve helped many businesses to do it and we know the impact it can have.

How HR Consultancy can help
Our flexible approach allows us to create custom solutions based on your situation. It could be help with a specific day to day issue, ongoing support, or more strategic projects. To find out more about how we can help you, speak to our team.

What our clients say
“One of the key benefits is their flexible approach to understanding the needs of different functions within the business and the challenges they may bring. The HR Consultancy team is happy to challenge local company thinking, suggesting alternative approaches when necessary, to arrive at an agreed outcome.”
David Amos, Managing Director, Zeelandia

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Day-to-day HR

Employee relations support
We know that employing people can lead to all sorts of queries and challenges. It could be issues of poor performance, understanding your maternity leave responsibilities, or drafting an employment contract. Whatever comes up, our practical advice is only a phone call or email away.

From recruitment to exits and everything in between, we regularly help businesses with:

  • Absence management
  • Performance issues
  • Statutory entitlements
  • Conduct and disciplinaries
  • Terms and conditions
  • Contracts, handbooks and policies
  • Redundancies
  • Leavers, resignations and exits
  • General processes and procedures.

Employment law
Our employment law experts are always up to date with the latest developments so that you don’t have to be. We can help you to take positive steps to protect your business from legal claims. But also, if a claim is made against you, we’ll give you practical and commercial advice that you can act on with confidence.

Issues we regularly provide support on:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Breach of contract
  • Wages claims
  • TUPE
  • Discrimination
  • Whistleblowing
  • Settlement agreements
  • Employee tribunals and early conciliation.

Quick, effective and relevant
Because all members of our team are genuine HR or employment law experts, they can quickly and easily get to grips with your business and it’s challenges. This means you get practical and effective advice when you need it. While you and your staff get freed up to focus on what you do best.

What our clients say
“Moore Kingston Smith HR Consultancy have guided us through several TUPE transfers, a number of people issues and streamlined our HR processes. We know we’re in safe hands when we have people issues.”
David Orr, Managing Director, Fencor Packaging Group

The value of getting it right
One of the things we see time and again is the huge value of getting employee issues right the first time. Not only does it prevent problems escalating and taking up significant time and resource, but it contributes to a positive and productive company culture.

Time to accelerate change?
Getting the right people strategies in place can make a big difference if you want to make changes or improvements to your business. Find out about our approach to strategic HR services.

To find out more and to arrange a free initial conversation, please get in touch.

Strategic HR

Positive change
Businesses thrive and prosper when they harness the full power of their people. To take your business to the next level, your people strategy and business objectives need to work in total alignment.

We have helped many businesses transform their approach to their people to deliver ambitious business goals.

What our clients say
“Very professional and personal. The advice is very helpful in terms of strategy development and clear in terms of execution.”
Jonathan Ball, CEO, RMA, The Royal Marines Charity

A flexible approach
Because our strategic HR approach is built totally around the specifics of your business, how we work with you and what we focus on is really down to you. But we also have a range of tried and tested methodologies to help you identify and make significant changes.

Talent 360
Our Talent 360 approach allows you to comprehensively review and assess your current people practices and what you need to do to better align with your business strategy. It’s a fully transformative project that will explore what motivates people to join your company, why they stay and why they leave. We’ll help you to identify and take the actions to position your business as an employer of choice for your ideal workforce.

Organisational structure review
We can complete a full organisation structure review that shows how aligned the management team is to the Board of Directors and the overall business objectives. We’ll provide clear recommendations and areas for improvement, suggest new structure plans, plus clearly set out the next steps.

Values project
Our values project has been designed to delve into what it really means to be a part of your business. What behaviour is expected of your employees, what your brand represents and how this is reflected in the workplace. We gather and listen to your employees’ opinions so that you get a set of brand new, bespoke values that are authentic and reflect you as a business.

Employer branding
We can set you up for hiring and retaining the best people by creating strong employer branding that reflects the values, personality and culture of your company. It’s based on extensive research and insight work involving employees and external sources. Typically, we focus on these key areas:

  • Talent attraction – improving candidates’ perception of your company and establishing a slick and effective recruitment process
  • Reward and recognition – building a cost-effective and competitive benefits package
  • Employee retention – identifying strategies to lower staff turnover and to improve trust, career development and reward
  • Employment law compliance – making sure your employment contracts are in good shape, minimising the risk of disputes

Succession planning
We work with businesses of all sizes to make sure there is effective planning in place for the transition of leadership positions. It helps to protect against the impact of senior staff leaving without warning, and ensures you aren’t left with a gap that you can’t fill at short notice. We’ll work with you to identify any potential risks and to develop an effective internal talent pipeline, giving you the confidence that you have candidates within your business who can step up when required.

HR coaching
We’ve designed a number of technical, commercial and strategic HR coaching sessions to help address identified skill gaps within your business. We base the sessions around recent challenges the attendees have faced, so that they get relevant and actionable guidance and training.

Culture workshop
Our carefully designed culture workshops can help you to understand your current company culture using feedback from you and your employees. We’ll work with you to create a new culture concept that reflects your goals and vision and that’s tied to what it’s really like to work in the company. Having put together and agreed the new culture concept with you and your employees, we can help you to communicate and promote it, making sure it has the greatest impact.

How we work
Across all our Strategic HR work, our initial priority is getting a deep understanding of your business, issues and objectives. We’ll work with you closely to achieve this and to ensure that your HR strategy plays an active and growing role in your success.

To find out more and to arrange a free initial conversation, please get in touch.

Video guides from our strategic HR experts

Untapping the full potential of your people enables businesses to prosper and grow. Our Strategic HR Consultants have helped multiple businesses transform their approach to their people to deliver ambitious business goals.

To help you and your business successfully navigate the path ahead, our HR experts have created a series of video guides focusing on topical issues and challenges.

Further insight can be accessed here.

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