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The global movement of employees has evolved in recent years. New opportunities have arisen enabling organisations to allow their staff to potentially work anywhere in the world. With these new opportunities come a whole new series of tax systems and regulations to navigate.

Enlist our expatriate tax experts to guide you through all the tax issues that having a global network of employees can bring. Whether your organisation is to move employees under traditional secondments, or want to allow an employee to work remotely for you outside of the UK, we can help.

Our global employer services

  • Designing a remote working policy and advising on the tax and social security consequences of hiring an employee that works remotely from an overseas location for your organisation.
  • Advice on the structuring of secondments of UK staff overseas, and overseas staff to the UK.
  • Advising on short term business visitor arrangements and associated HMRC reporting.
  • Non-resident directors of UK companies – ensuring an organisation is aware of often overlooked UK tax and social security consequences and reporting.
  • Maximising claims for tax reliefs available (e.g. temporary work place relief and overseas work day relief).
  • Advising on the application and detail of Double Tax Treaties.
  • Tax equalisation and protection calculations.
  • UK statutory residence analysis and double tax relief advice and claims.
  • International aspect of share incentives – ensuring correct reporting of employment related securities for internationally mobile workers.
  • Bespoke expatriate payroll services, including operation of modified payroll schemes.
  • UK and home/host country Tax Return preparation services using the support of our Moore Global network.
  • International social security advice and compliance services. For example, establishing the country of liability, costs projections and obtaining certificates of coverage.

Multi-disciplinary advice

Whether planning for your first international employee, scaling your international growth when reorganising, diversifying or downsizing your existing operation, our experienced multi-disciplinary team of tax and global mobility specialists can also advise on:

  • Developing your cross-border people strategy.
  • Evaluating and minimising your risks.
  • Assessing the practicality of new projects or policy changes.
  • Contingency planning for future disruptions.

Our global mobility team works alongside our payroll, expatriate tax and HR consultancy services to provide you with a seamless global employer service to manage your international workforce. As a member of the Moore Global Network, we can tap you into the knowledge and expertise of over 30,000 experts across more than 110 countries, providing you with the same transactional and advisory support worldwide.

If you’ve got any questions about expatriate tax, get in touch with our experts.

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