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Holistic tax planning for entrepreneurial businesses

When it comes to entrepreneurial business, it is personal! Whether you have a start-up idea or have already built a thriving business and are looking for an exit strategy, we know what it takes to succeed at every stage of your business journey and it is our aim to build a successful relationship with you as your trusted adviser.

Our dedicated multidisciplinary team have the expertise to guide and advise you through every stage of your business journey. Whether you need a holistic approach to take care of all your tax, accounting and legal needs so you can concentrate on building your business or if you prefer more informal advice to plan forwards for key events, we will proactively work with you to get to know your business and the people that drive it.


You are innovative, enterprising and have the energy to succeed. You know how important it is to keep an eye on the profit margins but there are not enough hours in the day.

Our start-up service provides everything you need to help run your business. From taking care of your tax returns to providing you with easy access accounting software. All our clients have a dedicated partner with a package tailored to your needs.

Our start-up services include:

Fast growth

You are on a growth trajectory. You have spent time laying the foundations; survived the first few years, established a customer base, put your processes in place and now you can focus on the bigger picture – take a step back and think about a strategy. What do you want to achieve next?

We work with owner-managed businesses providing them with expert tax advice tailored to their business sector, stage of their growth and, just as important, their personal circumstances.

Lean on us for:

  • Strategic advisory and tax planning
  • Raising growth capital finance
  • Business tax issues


You have a lot on your plate, having grown your business and been through the highs and the lows. You are ambitious and enterprising, with a sharp vision of what you want to achieve next.

As your trusted adviser, we aim to help you plan one step ahead.

We can help you develop a business and tax strategy to ensure you achieve not only your business goals, but your personal goals also.


For many growing businesses, success is hinged on expanding internationally. Our clients can take this unfamiliar step with the assurance of our expertise and connections every step of the way.

As a member of the Moore Global Network, we are tuned into the practical, commercial and tax issues that international trade brings, and you will have an extensive international resource of local experts to call upon.

If you are an inward investor in the UK, we can provide a one stop shop for a smooth UK landing, without having to establish an expensive infrastructure of your own.

Combine your business potential with our expertise and, wherever in the world you want to do business, we will help to make it tax efficient and compliant.


Looking for an exit strategy?

There are many routes that you could take when your company reaches maturity:

  • you may be a serial entrepreneur looking for your next venture,
  • you might want to retire and be looking for a buyer,
  • you could be looking to pass on your business to the next generation/key employees,
  • or simply be prepared for that unsolicited approach.

No matter what your motivations are, we can help you plan forwards to shape your vision in a structured but flexible manner. With our depth of expertise and breadth of experience, you will be able to minimise the risks while maximising your rewards. Contact us to see how we can help your business.

Leigh Collins is a partner in the firm’s entrepreneurial tax team, advising clients across a broad range of taxes. She guides owner-managed businesses through the variety of challenges that they encounter during the course of their life cycle. Whether setting up, growing or selling a business, Leigh’s 25+ years of experience in tax compliance and… Read more

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