Tax governance

Tax governance support for businesses

Tax is now a key part of the corporate agenda, with boardrooms and governance bodies increasingly mindful of the need to have a proper understanding of their business’ tax risks and responsibilities to ensure that appropriate systems are in place to manage them.   The focus on audit independence is also a key driver in the decision-making process regarding the outsourcing of tax services, with businesses increasingly being unable to rely on their auditors for non-audit services.

Our tax specialists understand your needs as you navigate the day-to-day management of tax functions such as corporate tax, VAT and employment taxes and the increased tax complexities associated with operating both internationally and within the UK.  We don’t see tax governance work as just a process. The work we undertake provides us with an opportunity to fully understand your business, the key risks you face and the issues that matter to you the most.

Our services

We can work with you to navigate the following tax governance areas that may need to be addressed:

  • Senior Accounting Officer certification.
  • Publication of a tax strategy.
  • Country by Country Reporting.
  • Working with HMRC’s Customer Compliance Managers, including: tax enquiries, dispute resolution, real time collaboration and HMRC business risk reviews.
Alex Jenkins has a wide range of Corporate Tax experience gained from working with UK and international clients for nearly 20 years. He has managed the tax affairs of Large & Medium sized UK & multinational groups over the years, also running bi-annual training events for Tax & Finance Directors for several years. Alex has been… Read more

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