Webinar recording: get ahead of the competition with employee incentives


With the current talent shortages, employee incentives can be a great tool to make you more competitive to both your current employees and new hires. The discussion in this webinar centred around non-financial and financial incentives, when they work best and how to create a strategy that is right for your people. Our key takeaways…


Enterprise series: re-imagine your business with hybrid working


The combination of Brexit changes and the shock of the pandemic have created many challenges regarding planning international remote working, the future of cross-border talent management, assessing internal global mobility capabilities and managing potential risk. All this highlights the growing impact of global mobility management on international business strategy. In this session our panel discussed:…


Webinar recording: effectively retaining talent and recruiting in a competitive market


In this webinar our strategic HR partners answer your burning questions on talent retention and recruitment. Throughout the session they cover: Talent retention • Signs your employees are getting ready to leave and how to try and keep them • How you can use salary increases, bonuses and other benefits to retain your people •…


Enterprise series: the changing face of business: managing a hybrid workforce


We’ve put together our top ten tips to help make hybrid working successful: 1. Develop a strategy 2. Have a mechanism to check in on employee wellbeing 3. Listen to employee views/gather information 4. Develop new ways of learning/sharing knowledge 5. Develop policies to ensure perception of fairness 6. Managers to lead by example 7.…


Enterprise series: the changing face of business – inclusion matters


When asked why diversity and inclusion is important, most attendees recognised that it can help to attract and retain talent, but also improve the customer journey and create a competitive advantage. With the correct guidance, inclusivity can provide multi-faceted benefits to your people, and in turn your organisation. There are certainly a range of challenges…


Enterprise series: talent retention – how to keep hold of your people as the economy opens up


Retaining your talent will become vital in the coming months as the economy opens. Demonstrating that you are investing in your people, old or new, makes you an attractive choice to employees. We have developed five tips on what we consider to be the top areas that employees and investors focus on when looking at…


Enterprise series: addressing mental health challenges in today’s working environment


In this lively interactive session our expert panel gave their perspectives on wellbeing in the workplace including: The different types of stress and how they are exacerbated by the pandemic Your duty of care as an employer The importance of mental health training and the return on investment Practical tips for finding the best way…


Enterprise series: new ways of working – managing an agile workforce with virtual teams


In this session we explore the definition of agile working and it’s benefits, as well as some of the challenges of virtual teams. We also look at some of the differences in employee attitudes to agile working and how we can recognise and manage them effectively. Furthermore, we look at the different management styles and…


Enterprise series: making redundancies – how to get it right


After almost four months of businesses having to be reactive to the Coronavirus pandemic, despite numerous announcements and schemes from the government, we have reached a point now where a lot of businesses will have considered or will be considering redundancies in the near future. With many of the schemes coming to a close, business…


Enterprise series: setting up a structured wellbeing framework post Coronavirus


The welfare of employees has arguably never been so important to businesses. As we emerge from lockdown, and businesses return to the workplace, having a wellbeing framework in place is crucial in moving forward. In this webinar our speakers discuss the steps to be taken to establish a wellbeing framework and strategy in the workplace…