Charity VAT and tax

Charity VAT and tax can be a maze of rules and regulations, even for those who are familiar with taxation matters. The fact charities often have multiple income streams and carry out various activities means their tax position can be complicated, especially as tax rules and regulations are constantly changing.

As well as mitigating risks, identifying opportunities for recovery of tax and VAT is not always straightforward. This can have an impact on how your charity generates its funding, carries out its activities and structures itself. Regularly reviewing your tax and VAT affairs ensures risks are managed and available opportunities are identified and maximised.

Our tax and VAT specialists have years of experience working across all areas of the nonprofit sector, ensuring our clients receive an individual service according to their needs. Every charity is unique, so their approach is tailored to suit the needs of the particular charity and the people within. In addition to charities, our tax and VAT specialists have experience spanning a range of other nonprofit organisations.

How our charity VAT and tax specialists can help you

By understanding your current position, our specialists can conduct tax and VAT heath checks and identify existing or potential issues and establish any opportunities. This ensures that you are:

  • following the rules and understanding your obligations;
  • up to date with changes to legislation and understanding how such changes impact your charity;
  • maximising all opportunities, including those potentially saving you money – paying the right amount of tax and VAT;
  • implementing the optimum partial exemption method;
  • equipped to deal with HMRC – as well as dealing with them on your behalf, we can guide you on how to deal with them using a practical approach backed up by our wealth of experience.

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As a member of the Chartered Institute of Tax, Debbie Jennings combines a high level of technical expertise with an ability to communicate complex VAT issues in plain English. Her relaxed and approachable style is valued by clients, contacts and colleagues alike. Always one to deliver practical solutions, Debbie enjoys rolling up her sleeves and… Read more

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