HMRC has committed to collecting nearly £1 billion of additional tax revenue annually by 2020-21. Some of this will no doubt be through tax investigations.

Facing a tax investigation can be stressful, disruptive and feel intrusive. With it becoming ever easier to collect data, the amount of information HMRC has on businesses and individuals is vast. The introduction of Making Tax Digital, which will further increase data capital for HMRC, is likely to lead to more investigations still.

Being suspected of tax evasion can be daunting but HMRC does not always get it right. The danger is that you agree to an unnecessary investigation, resulting in wasted time, expense and avoidable stress.

Seeking specialist advice on how to cooperate with HMRC at the earliest opportunity is key to achieving a satisfactory outcome and effective closure.

Our specialist tax dispute resolution team is experienced in handling complex enquiries and navigating the labyrinth of tax legislation that UK taxpayers face.

Our experts can help you with:

Our clients can rest reassured that we will fight their corner and are focused on minimising their exposure. Having first found the right strategy, we ensure that we then implement it as well.

To discuss any of our services or to find out how we can support you through an investigation, please get in touch.

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